Pressco Steel

Presco Steel is a high end specialized Steel Fabrication and Manufacturing Company

Pressco Steel - Steel Fabrication and Manufacturing Company

PRESSCO STEEL is Committed to precision manufacturing with strict quality control, fast delivery and competitive pricing. As a Quality Steel Fabricator, manufacturing to exacting Australian standards of quality and safety. We conceptualize, , design and Metal products, providing a full range of fabrication services including CNC metal Bending, CNC Plasma Cutting, CNC turret punching, welding, finishing and assembly. We work with a range of materials including stainless steel, mild steel, galvanised steel and aluminium,. For custom metal fabrication, for expert advice and tailored solutions. With strict adherence to industry protocols, we place emphasis on using our own ERP system, which allows us to fully and seamlessly track jobs, from the enquiry stage all the way through to the final delivery docket.

Pressco Steel - Services

Structural Fabrication

Plate and Chute Work
Conveyor Trusses
Tanks and Pressure Vessels
Pipe, Aluminium, & Stainless Steel

Manufacturing Sector

CNC Bending
CNC Turret Punching
CNC Plasma Cutting

Design & Engineering

With an innovative approach to engineering, strong industry links, state-of-the-art facilities and practical hands-on programs, engineering and design at Pressco Steel..

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